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Twitter is burning

Twitter is burning and I am so very happy about that.

I will celebrate the day this company goes under, a party for the ages. Twitter has always been a terrible place and has only gotten worse. It elevates the truly worst in humanity and, under its latest ownership, it's just turned into an absolute garbage fire of bigotry and hate. This will be what the world remembers the supposed "genius" for when it is all done, the PR machine that made him out to be a visionary won't save this mess.

Twitter could have been good, it had the elements of it, but the ferocious drive to create "engagement" meant that it elevated hate more than anything and that spilled hard into the real world. Do you think it's a coincidence that the rise of virulent anti-trans government behaviour coincided with the incredibly elevated levels of bigotry on the site? Of course not, Twitter is culpable for huge amounts of harm as the incubator of this.

So yeah. I can't wait to see this site buried in the past. I will cheer this demise and, with it, the fall of that inflated reputation of the bigoted piece of trash that bought it. Both outcomes are well earned.


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