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Eaton Centre tells us we're not welcome

When I talk about inclusion in my workplace, I talk a lot about how the space I have worked in was inclusive. From gender neutral (and not repurposing) bathrooms to Pride related content, and more, the space was designed to be inclusive of my community. Enter Cadillac Fairview's Eaton Centre.

I was shopping there today, with a friend, and we decided to pop down to the food court to get lunch. On the way down, we saw the signage for Chick-fil-A. In case you're not aware, this chain (and it's founder) have a long history of funding repressive, and deeply harmful, anti-2SLGBTQ+ organizations around the globe. They basically fund hate and if you eat there so do you.

I was very disappointed to see this. I'm already incredibly disappointed to even see them in my city, but to see it in our most famous Toronto mall? Stomach turning. The message Cadillac Fairview is sending to the community is simple: you're not safe or welcome here now, despite being on the doorstep of the heart of our community in the city. 

I have written to the general manager of the Eaton Centre to express my disappointment to make clear the message that they have sent. I don't imagine it will change much, and I am sure that they festoon themselves with rainbows come next June, but nevertheless, they need to know that they've sent a message and some of us have heard it.


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