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Speaking of big steps...

Speaking of big steps, now with some big news to share! Specifically around my plans for my full public transition and I am super excited!

So, as we enter the holiday season, I've started to pin down all of my last steps for full public disclosure of my gender journey. This is beyond exciting for me, I can feel the end of this dual existence being so close that, as the saying goes, I can actually taste it.

What's the plan, you may wonder? Well, we're going to stretch out over a few days to allow for support to be in place, but very early January now, not even three weeks away. First with some senior leaders and peers, then with close associates, then more generally. I'm going to also time my personal announcements to that, with close cousins and aunts/uncles on one day, a Facebook announcement on the next. Still all Zoom or email, but what are you going to do?

More importantly, I'm dancing with excitement. I don't know how to really explain it, other than as a sense of euphoria that comes from the knowledge that I am nearly past being in hiding. Hiding creates this sense that you're doing something shameful and being trans is not shameful. Being trans, as I have come to truly realize, is a beautiful gift. It is fraught with some difficulty, but the gift is in the fact that I got to explore what gender is and what it means to me. I feel more deeply connected to that because it was never obvious to me and I had no choice but to search and learn.

I've seen questions along the line of, "if we had a pill that would make you happy and content with your assigned gender at birth, would you take it?" My answer is unequivocally no! Being trans is at the core of who I am. Being trans helped to shape me and, despite my battles against it, I think without it, I would not be me. 

Anyways, deep thoughts. 🙂

In other news, I had a discussion today that really pushed my thinking a lot. I work for an amazingly supportive company, a big factor in my feeling safe in transition, and we have some great internal LGBTQ+ support groups and resources available. What I have observed, though, is that trans voices are small in a larger space and so I do want to find a way to elevate our voices. We'll see how it goes as I have had some of my little ideas balloon into really big things at the office (in a positive way), so we'll see how it goes. Statistically, there are more of us there and if we can share our voice and help those whose eggs are cracking to feel just a bit more safe and cared for, that would be amazing.

However, let's get me out and public first! Now, remember:


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