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Mixed Feelings

For the transperson out in public, especially one that is not in formal transition, the question of which washroom to use is always a challenging one, with very rare exceptions. Consider that this is an issue for both M-t-F and F-t-M, though the risks and concerns are slightly different, they are nonetheless real and physical violence is only the most obvious of them.

For me, it always great to find a place that just has individual "unisex" washrooms where you don't actually share. That reduces, or even eliminates the risks associated with it. However, this is uncommon and a lot of the advice out there is use the washroom according to how you're presenting. Hmm.

That leads me to this campaign from the LGBT community at the University of Bristol. I applaud the notion that they're trying to raise awareness of the issues transpeople face, this is quite important in my opinion, but I feel this message is a bit misguided. As noted quite ably on glosswatch, it's …