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International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day and there are enormous amount of topics on the subject of gender equity that will rise in discussion as a result. The obvious ones, ones that really need to have greater and greater pressure applied, are pay equity and opportunity for advancement.

However, not entirely in the subject of the workplace, there are still a whole host of issues that face today's women. The #metoo movement is a very profound example of where we, as a society, really need to keep the heat on.

However, there is one topic that doesn't really get a lot of discussion and that is the place of transgendered woman in all of this. It is also time that role is discussed and Denise Balkissoon is bringing this to the front in the Globe and Mail today.

What caught my attention, in particular, is the recognition that the path to womanhood is not universal and never has been. Even should TG women not exist, one women's journey is not the journey of another. Not all cisgendered women can bear children. Not all cisgendered women grew up in privilege or in poverty. Not all cisgendered women find perfect love or abusive relationships. There is many things that happen to shape the lives of all women and this is true for the transgendered women as well.

 I think, as a society, we need to tear down the walls the separate us from success, from happiness, and from each other.