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Just some rambling thoughts about paperwork and journals... 

So, first I want to grouse about Service Canada. I need to update my Social Insurance Number (SIN) with my new details. This is one of the first things I did, because you can do it online, and they want you to supply birth certificate, drivers license (or similar), some proof of address (like a bill), and document to explain any name difference(s) amongst these. Seems simple, no?

So, I did all that and included the name change certificate from the Government of Ontario for proof of name change. For reasons that have me scratching my head, that wasn't sufficient. Huh? It is, in fact, the only legal document that shows my dead and real name together. Again, huh? I am a bit mystified, so I clearly need to talk to a human being because the letter they sent me is arguably more confusing.

Paypal wants all kinds of ID to "prove my change of name" and they also rejected the certificate from the government. Completely mystified here because it's not like they required any ID for me to sign up in the first place. My take on this one? I'm just going to get rid of their service. I only have a couple of recurring payments with them, easily moved, and I just can't be bothered to jump through their hoops.

Contrast all of that to changing my driver's license and health card. Sure, I had to do it in person, but I was in and out in 10 minutes (no line) and all set up. Still waiting for the picture versions of the IDs, but that was super easy and only required my new birth certificate and my name change document. Hmm...

Unrelated to my paperwork fun, I have been journalling for the better part of a year and I was quite good at maintaining it daily. That seems to have dried up, I keep forgetting to update it after I got my name changed. I think it's because I have fallen into a rhythm in life now. Major chapters have been concluded and I'm not really wrestling through my thoughts. I am considering simplifying to an ad hoc model, may even consider a move to paper. Not sure yet, but it does seem as though I am not feeling the same need to get my thoughts down.

Oh well, slowly, but surely, I am getting all of this stuff in order. Banks are next.


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