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Finally did it!

I hemmed and hawed over getting a breast augmentation for a while now, but last summer's bikini shopping pushed me over the edge.

Now, I recognize that bikini shopping can be tough at the best of times, but I still found that while I was super pumped about what I looked like below, my appearance up top wasn't there for me. I found myself unhappy with what I had which, at 36B, was pretty good for having grown them in my 50s, but it wasn't quite there for me.

My goal was to plan this surgery at least a year after my GCS, so yesterday was the day! A little more than 13 months later, I went in to clinic north of Toronto and a few hours later, came out with new look!

So, what to tell you? It's only been a day, so not a lot to report yet. Most of the discomfort I felt post-surgery was shoulder and back ache. I also slept on my back last night so I am feeling a bit achy from that, but chest pain is pretty minimal. They did give me some high-test pain meds, but so far extra-strength Tylenol is more than doing the job, as it did for my GCS. 

The doc did not require me to stop HRT, which is good. I was worried about that, but he seemed to be comfortable with the WPATH recommendation on the subject. The in-clinic experience was really positive, the nurses even heated up the operating table for me. All in all, my doctor and nurses were really awesome. I woke up in recovery freezing cold and shivering, but they quickly heated me up and I was feeling fine in minutes.

Anyways, I went for 265cc on each side. I thought about evening out, but my natural differences are pretty slight and, to be honest, breasts are not perfectly symmetrical, so having slight differences is more natural appearing. The implants are placed under the muscle and will take several weeks to "drop and fluff" as it were. It's really exciting, even with a compression sports bra on, I am noticeably bigger. I think I'm somewhere around a 36C/D or a 38B/C and that feels pretty perfect to me.

So, now, it's just rest up and enjoy my week off to recover.


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