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Gender Fluidity

On Stana's Femulate blog, today, she linked a photo of Oslo Grace who, as a gender fluid model, models both men's and women's wear. As usual, it has me thinking and, truth be told, again a little envious!

Oslo Grace is not the only gender fluid model these days, there are quite a few models who are actively walking the runways as both men and women and it's really not all that new. It is, though, much more known these days, even if acceptance is still moving along at slow pace. 

The subtitle of my blog has been "Gender is Mutable" for a very, very, long time. I dropped my old Wordpress, on Yahoo, site a while ago, so the history of this new incarnation isn't as long, but the idea of gender being a fluid concept has been something that felt very natural to me for a long time. Society, though, seems to really struggle with that.

I'm sometimes reminded of the pressure that society places on us to conform to the binary gender concept by the "bombshell" reveals of so many anti-LGBTQ personalities as they finally confront the reality of who they are. The pressure to conform can be so enormous that people take on an extreme position in the hopes of sublimating themselves and become "normal." We should know, by now, that this is not a healthy thing.

As the world moves forward, seeking to create a sense of greater inclusion and acceptance, we will see the dying flashes of anger from those being left behind. While that can seem a bit hard to believe, today, with the rising alt-right conservatism and the set-backs we see in countries like the United States, I firmly believe that the youth of today are seeing the world with different eyes than the angry white males, and some females, who are lashing out at the loss of their special status as the world, inexorably, moves to equilibrium.

Stay fluid everyone.


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