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Busy day!

What a busy, busy day today! So, got into the clinic today to get the blood work done in prep for HRT and it turned into a bit of an adventure...

So, I tried not to waste a lot of time after my appointment with the doctor last Wednesday and made my to the clinic this morning, bright and early. I was the first in and was taken care of really quickly. However, in the course of that, I learned that my Ontario health card had been disabled. Now, I have an ancient card, held together with scotch tape, so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised... The clinic, being awesome, still did the work, but that left me needing to get this sorted.

Once I got home, I did some research and discovered that I would need my birth certificate. Uh... Hmm... Now where would that be? It's not often I need to have that around!

After much ransacking of the house, I finally found it in the basement. So, with my birth certificate, drivers license, and passport in hand, I decided to brave the lineups for ServiceOntario to get this sorted out. Apparently the Goddess of HRT was still with me and I arrived to only two people waiting to enter, but within a couple of minutes, there was more than a dozen behind me! All in all, I was there for about a half hour, a good chunk of which was getting my health card number unlocked, but with picture taken and a new one slated to be on the way.

So, pretty good first half of the day, but gets even more interesting as I get an email from my eye doctor asking me if I needed to renew my contact lens prescription and, as luck would have it, I had been meaning to do that as well. So, a quick email exchange and a phone call to give credit card info, my contact lenses are also ordered.

Finally, the icing on the cake? My next appoint to actually get the results of the blood and urine tests and figure out dosages is in two weeks! Got that done too.

Makes me worried about the shoe that feels like it may drop... fingers crossed it doesn't, so please add yours in support.


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