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Disney Moments

I've been using Disney Princesses a lot in my social media posts recently and a big reason is that I find disney artists really seem to get excitement.

I don't know what it is, but it feels like every Disney movie has at least one scene where the Princess just has the most perfect expression of excitement and, for me, that's been capturing my mood.

This picture of Ariel, that I am using, has a sense of Yes! in the moment and I really love it. I think part of this is that the original The Little Mermaid tale is actually a queer love story, the tale of Andersen's love for Edvard Collin, but also that the inherent need and desire to be loved and belong in a world that is initially denied to you feels so quintessentially trans at its essence.

I talked about this a bit, in a Slack channel for our Women's Business Resource Group. I'm one of the co-leads for our chapter of the BRG and wanted to share to the community that I'd be away and why. I called it my "Ariel moment" and that while it's not magic, it feels like magic. Despite the distortion that social media creates with respect to bigotry and transphobia, I can assure you that my experience in the real world is vastly different. The love and support I get from our community of women is second to none, that was the essence of that story from the last Friday that I talked about and was also very true of my post on Slack.

It was also pointed out, by my co-lead for our BRG, that my red hair has prepped me well for my Ariel moment. How right she is. It's less than a week away and I am so excited! ❤️  


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