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Waiting… Waiting…

Oh I hate waiting!

I have a few waits in front of me. I’m waiting for my PCR test this morning. Then I am waiting for the results of that test. In the meanwhile, I am sitting in my hotel being anxious about it. Did I mention that I hate waiting? 

Assuming that is all good, and I have done everything I have in my power for that to be true, then we’re all set for 7:00 am tomorrow. I suspect that the preparation for that will help with the waiting, for sure. There’s a lot of stuff to do before the morning and then some more the morning of.

So, today, is kind of a weird pivotal day. By 4:00 pm I’ll know what’s next. I am anxious.

And I hate waiting.


  1. The wait is the worst bit of so many parts of life. I hate the wait to go on stage before a performance. But that final bit of waiting fircsomethingvthat you have been waiting for and looking forward to fir so long is worse.


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