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Anxiety and Comfort Zones - Visit 4

Dance like nobody is watching... That's basically advice around what may be your comfort zone and anxiety talking, so how do you dance like nobody is watching when they are, in fact, watching?

So, my therapist posed a question to me: am I feeling anxious about the current pandemic? Good question.

For me, personally, not really. I'm in a pretty fortunate position in an industry that is largely going to need what I offer during and after this time. Maybe a little anxiety about my upcoming doctor's appointment, still ages away, but that's around delays with it rather than the actual appointment.

For others? Absolutely. There is an enormous number of at risk people out there and not just with respect to health. There are many people that live on the edge of financial difficulty daily and, even with some help from the government, are at risk in a whole host of ways including massive debt, loss of home, loss of job, and more. Just a scary time for a lot of people and I am anxious for them.

We also talked comfort zone, the introduction of more feminine elements into my daily life, such as some of the shirts I wear, the colours of them, etc. It's an interesting thing about my wardrobe... it's either bland masculine or generally very feminine. I have very little that leans to the androgynous side in either scenario.

Now, my general appearance is definitely more androgynous leaning. I have long hair, 3 piercings in each ear, wear rings that are not really men's rings, and my nails are definitely more manicured than the average guy would have. However, day-to-day work wear is jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the like. We're pretty casual and that's my preferred "en homme" state if I must.

That all got me thinking about a little shopping... So, shopping I did. Outside of the fringed cardi that I couldn't resist, I ordered some t-shirts that look more or less neutral and a hoody dress that, from the shoulders up, looks like a hoody. I have a couple of these, already, and they are super comfy. Highly recommend.

So, let's see how these shirts look. I'm on video a lot, which is mostly just head and shoulders, so that does give a lot of flex in what to wear. I'll keep you posted.


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